Personal Training


Personal 1-on-1 training is not only an excellent introductory source for those new to boxing, but surpassing what group instruction has to offer private lessons amongst those with experience serve to enhance technique, increase aptitude, and expand one’s knowledge in the areas of fight styles, strength and conditioning.

An hour in duration, this offering is absolutely ideal for the novice who feels apprehensive about group training, imparting 5 to 10 classes worth of accumulated knowledge so that one solitary session eases the transition. Building certain confidence, participants become familiar with the skills and drills utilized in class on a regular basis, always to be achieved at a pace suitable to each individual.

And for those intermediate and advanced level students who desire to reinforce existing skills while acquiring new one’s the attention to detail as well as the focus inherent during a 1 on 1 session will take you to the next level and beyond. Accomplished by delving into the nuances of champions both past and present, expanding one’s repertoire skill-wise makes for a more varied, enjoyable, and far more rewarding workout while practitioners markedly increase strength, stamina, and cardiovascular endurance.

Ready to Rumble? Text 659-290-1920 to set up your private session today to learn a skillset that will last a lifetime. Just utilize the Contact form below to set up a mutually agreed upon time frame not more than 2 days out of which payment for first time clients is due in advance. Please inquire within for acceptable forms of payment.

Schedule & Fee’s

Personal 1 on 1 Training is done by Mutual Appointment.

Please utilize the Contact form below to set up your Private Appointment.

$100 per Hour per Individual Session

5 Pack $400

10 Pack $800

Please note that commencing from the date of purchase the Personal Training 5 Pack must be redeemed within a 3 month period while the 10 Pack must be redeemed within 6 months after which any remaining sessions became invalid.

Private Group Sessions also available. Please inquire within for pricing.


During private sessions individuals become accustomed to varied stances to include the crouch, the semi-crouch, and the stand-up style. The crouch enables students to by way of added leg drive gain the utmost in leverage and resistance while the stand-up style, taught for purposes of maintaining range and distance, further diversifies workout routines.

Learning to rotate fully, trainee’s in addition maximize range of motion in conjunction with striking technique, putting extended hip, back, abdominal, and shoulder momentum into punches. Add to this fundamentally transferring upper body weight and participants are positioned for the next movement in a series.

Speaking of series, chaining combination blows together is the mark of a pro so that we teach punches by the numbers, an aspect which increases one’s overall work-rate to enhance rhythm, flow, and offensive creativity. Additionally, partakers through added focus acquire stellar hand-eye coordination, a circumstance which enables individuals to by way of pinpoint accuracy impact targets with maximum force while lessening the likelihood of injury.

Further inundated with certain particulars that increase the scope of an already demanding endeavor, students in short time acquire an ability to box from the outside as well as slug on the inside, to in conjunction develop a skill-set specific to the various angles and distances moving targets pose.

Of utmost importance we emphasize the development of advanced footwork, an aspect which helps to facilitate among other things moving in and out of designated target areas with speed and readiness. Add in proper body alignment to minimize exposure to an opponents blows and you too will be ready to strike at any given moment whether pressing forward, sliding back, or venturing out at angles from which vantage point you can either elude or initiate an attack of your own.

To sum up, students learn to interact with coaches and various equipment on a level unattainable through group training as individuals become familiar with more potent and or advanced boxing skills and drills not to mention conditioning exercises that focus on core stability and development of the extremities.

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