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Our Club

A totally authentic throwback style boxing gym, The Dallas Fight Club hands down offers the best in recreational, personal, and competitive training and that’s our guarantee to you.

Family oriented, we as a dedicated sports organization are committed to serving community members whether youth or adult, male or female, novice or experienced, in or out of shape.

Fulfilling all of your boxing fitness needs under one roof, we make the learning process fun yet keep things simple to impart time honored skills and drills as practiced by the All-Time Greats so that you too can learn to work out like a legendary fighter.

Einstien said if you can’t make things simple then you’re not smart enough. That said, we at The Dallas Fight Club have over time acquired the knowledge to break things down in a clear and concise manner so that clients no matter their age or athletic ability are able to obtain a fundamentally sound yet physically demanding workout each and every time.

The Facility

Located at 423 Singleton Boulevard in the heart of Trinity Groves, our unmatched fiefdom of fisticuffs features professional grade equipment of the highest quality to go along with the equally superb instruction you will receive. That’s to say second to none, our staff members go in depth to cover the rudiments of boxing like no other so come experience the difference for yourself.

With 8,000 square feet of available space, equipment on hand consists of a 20′ x 20′ Drop ‘N’ Lock competition ring, a 12′ x 24′ solid steel Monster Bag Rack which converts into 2 each 12′ boxing, 16 each 100 pound Everlast vintage leather heavybags, as well a variety of uppercut, double end, and other specialty bags on which clients rotate to provide the most meaningful as well as the most varied of workouts.

In addition to the above we have a number of 2″ thick adjustable speed bag platforms to accommodate the smallest of youth as well as the tallest of adults, several stationary Rogue Fitness bikes, 20′ climbing ropes, complete sets of kettle bells, dumbbells, TRX, and a host of leather and rubber medicine and slam balls to include the finest of speed as well as weighted jump ropes.

With a large mirror section to improve your technique as well as witness your daily progress first hand, we also feature open floor space. This allows for a variety of curriculum activities to include partner drills, calisthenics, free weight exercises, footwork or counter punch drills, sled work and so much more.

Lastly, our facility would not be complete without our big screen TV to show you the fighting styles, the technical skills, and the overall transitional movement as executed by boxings legends from which Dallas Fight Club trainers derive daily lesson plans.

Free Trial Class

Ready to Rumble? Reserve your free trial spot today either by texting 650-290-1920 or by reaching out via the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. Just select a day and preferred class time according to the youth or adult schedule listed below and let us handle the rest.

Upon arrival certified USA Boxing coaches will be on hand to guide you every step of the way as regards your fistic endeavors. No gloves no worries we’ll provide you a pair if necessary. Just bring water and a workmanlike attitude and at the sound of the bell let your hands do the talking.

Program Schedule & Fee’s

Youth Class Schedule
Mon-Thurs 5-6 pm 6-7 pm 7-8 pm Friday 5-6 pm 6-7pm
Saturday 10-11 am 11 am-12pm

Youth Class Fee’s
Monthly Unlimited Classes $100
Drop-In Rate $20
6-Pack $100
12-Pack $180

Adult Class Schedule
Mon-Thurs 6-7 am 12-1 pm 5-6 pm 6-7 pm, 7-8 pm
Friday 6-7 am 12-1 pm 5-6 pm 6-7 pm Saturday 10-11 am 11 am-12 pm

Adult Class Fee’s
Monthly Unlimited Classes $100
Drop-In Rate $20
6-Pack $100
12-Pack $180

As regards the Youth or Adult Recreational program please note that there are no contracts involved while 6 or 12 Pack classes, perfect for individuals who choose to drop in on occasion, must be redeemed within a 3 month period beginning from the Date of Purchase after which any remaining classes become invalid.

Personal Training Schedule & Fee’s

Personal Training Schedule Personal 1 on 1 Training is conducted by Mutual Appointment. To set up your private session please text 650-290-1920 specifying your preferred time and date no more than 1-2 days in advance.

Personal training is typically conducted around the group class schedule so that hourly sessions regularly take place from 7-8 am, 11am-12pm, 1-2pm, and 4-5pm weekdays while weekend appointments are more widely available. If the above time frames don’t work for you we’re here to accommodate everyone so feel free to propose a time that suits your schedule and we’ll get it done.

Personal Training Fee’s $100 per Hour $450 per 5 Pack $800 per 10 Pack

Please note that commencing from the date of purchase the Personal Training 5 or 10 Pack must be redeemed within a 3 month period after which any remaining sessions became invalid.

Also note that unless you’re a regular client all private training fee’s for first time practitioners are due in advance. Please reach out via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page for payment options.

Looking to book private group training for co-workers, friends, or significant others? We do it all to include corporate sessions, birthday parties, fraternity workouts and so much more. Just reach out and we’ll set you up with a time, date, and pricing which is based upon group size as well as event duration.

Recreational Boxing Program

Providing services to all, we first and foremost feature a totally fun, non contact, confidence boosting Youth recreational program. Conducted within a structured environment, curriculum activities instill discipline, improve strength, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness while youngsters acquire real world self-defense skills. For Youth program details in full please Click Here.

Then for those beyond their school years we offer an entertainment based as well as physically challenging Adult recreational program. Serving to reduce stress, tone muscle, elevate energy, and improve cardiovascular fitness, regular class participation also helps individuals shed unwanted pounds to have you looking and feeling your absolute best. For Adult program details in full please Click Here.

Personal Training

Personal Training is not only an excellent introductory source for those new to boxing, but 1 on 1 sessions are guaranteed to take those with experience to the next level and beyond.

1 hour in duration, this offering is absolutely ideal for the novice who feels apprehensive about group training, imparting 5-10 classes worth of accumulated knowledge so that one solitary session eases the transition.

Then surpassing what group instruction has to offer, private lessons amongst those with experience serves to enhance technique and creative flow, to ultimately expand one’s knowledge in the areas of fight styles not to mention strength and conditioning as the learning never stops.

To set up your private 1 on 1 session and develop skills that will last a lifetime please drop us an email via the Contact Us form below selecting a date not more than 1-2 days in advance or for Personal Training details in full please Click Here.

Amateur Boxing Program

An official member organization of USA Boxing Inc., we keep it real at the Dallas Fight Club to offer Amateur Boxing which part of the equation will suit those looking to answer the bell. Highly structured in our approach, this intensive as well as quite demanding curriculum requires discipline, commitment, and attention to detail.

This is in consideration that licensed team members will be involved in athletic competition which if held within the United States is to be conducted in cooperation with and run under the auspices of USA Boxing.

Amateur Program Benefits

Providing a venue for the positive release of energy and frustration, the amateur training regimen serves as the quintessential character builder as well as confidence booster. Thoroughly organized in our approach, the DFC curriculum is progression based with the beneficial impact of programming being almost immediate as daily routines help to instill discipline, develop work ethic, foster camaraderie, and so much more.

Learning the ultimate in sportsmanship and mutual respect, program participants also become more well rounded in terms of social interaction. Furthermore, regimented activities encourage a healthy lifestyle as success in boxing is inconsistent with smoking, drinking, taking drugs, or eating poorly.

Perhaps most relevant is the fact that amateur boxing fills a void, as the sport’s many attributes help to develop within young people the social and interpersonal skills lacking in current school curriculums.

All told there are simply no losers in the amateur program as partakers become equipped with the tools to take life head on. This includes improved school performance, increased awareness, gained confidence, to finally produce more focused, motivated, and goal-oriented beings whether youth or adult, male or female.

For Amateur Program details in full please Click Here.

For details regarding Amateur Boxing Safety please Click Here.

Social Media

In order to promote programming so as to benefit as large a sector of the community as possible we’ve taken to social media to get our message out. That said we maintain accounts with and regularly post content on Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube where via the latest in photo and video members of the general public can view our internal workings while training and or special event updates are also made available on these very same platforms.

To connect to Facebook, Instagram, or X just click on the icons located at the top of this or other web pages while to view our YouTube channel please Click Here.

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