The Dallas Fight Club is a family oriented sports and fitness organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of community members both male and female, youth and adults alike. Featuring a comprehensive as well as progression based curriculum, we strive to build stronger, more disciplined individuals daily, promoting activities which not only serve to improve one’s physical condition, but activities which improve one’s mental outlook, also an integral component of good health.

An official member of USA Boxing Inc., we as a registered club provide services to all, to first and foremost furnish a thoroughly structured and well regimented Youth Recreational Program. Conducted within a safe and supportive environment, regular routines promote an active healthy lifestyle while activities devised to boost confidence, develop character, and instill core values help to lay a solid foundation upon which youngsters can build critical life skills.

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Following our Youth Program it is with health and wellness in mind that we also conduct an entertainment based and totally robust Adult Recreational Program. In an equally supportive atmosphere where all are welcome, all are friends, ongoing boxing crossfit combined workout sessions elevate energy to overall improve strength, stamina, and cardiovascular fitness. Enhancing one’s quality of life, class activities further induce weight loss, boost confidence, and reduce stress while regular participation works to combat preventable disease.

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Our philosophy is rooted in creating genuine enthusiasm hence Dallas Fight Club staff members focus on promoting activities which are fun, interesting, and relevant. For it’s keeping participants tuned in and turned on that allow for program benefits to take hold, benefits which promote self-maintenance and better living.

Proponents of regular exercise we firmly believe that the quality of one’s life improves markedly when fitness comes first. This whether an individual is in poor physical condition, lacks self-esteem or structure, or is simply in need of friendship as our program has something for everyone.

Boxing is in fact our chosen means, providing superior physical benefits to within the skills development process incorporate characteristics identical to those necessary for a happy, healthy, and productive lifestyle.

Then there’s the competitive aspect to the sport which while unsurpassed in nurturing positive attributes it tends to diminish one’s fear. That’s to say amateur boxing helps individuals better function under adverse conditions, in turn prompting better decision making so as to decrease the likelihood that one give in to negative or self-destructive peer pressure.

About helping individuals grow, we at the Dallas Fight Club seek to encourage as well as motivate practitioners to become more accountable, goal-oriented human beings which when fostered along as a result of our efforts is not only fulfilling, it’s simply our mission.

Social Media

In order to help promote programming so as to benefit as large a sector of the community as possible we’ve taken to social media to get our message out. That said, we maintain accounts with and regularly post content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube where via the latest in photo and video members of the general public can view our internal workings while it is on these very same platforms where one can find regular training or special event updates.

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